Zenotta Ventures presents

PlayingFields.com: Where GameFi, Play-to-Earn
and the Metaverse collide

PlayingFields by Zenotta is a universal in-game asset marketplace designed from the ground up to be secure, compliant, and scalable. As the first framework for data exchange of its kind, PlayingFields will provide legal ownership and seamless value transfer for players, while enabling novel monetization strategies for game developers and studios. In addition, PlayingFields will build the first ever bridge between traditional financial markets and the gaming industry by unlocking in-game assets as a novel and attractive asset class.

Traditional payment and trade systems are inefficient and insecure because they rely on trusted third parties and intermediaries. Bitcoin provided a solution to these problems for payments, allowing individuals to send payments peer-to-peer over a fully distributed network using untrusted nodes. However, existing technologies have sought to make digital trade possible by building bridges between ledgers, providing bonded warehouses, or using escrow services. This has reintroduced trusted third parties and intermediaries and therefore the cost, risk, and reduced throughput of traditional payment systems.

PlayingFields is built on the Zenotta Universal Digital Asset System, a modern and efficient Layer 1 protocol that enables trade and legal ownership of any digital asset. With Zenotta’s next-generation network based on proof-of-work and UTXO ledger technology, PlayingFields constitutes a new type of digital market wherein trade of digital assets will be possible over a fully distributed network utilizing untrusted nodes. Under this framework, users will for the first time be able to trade cryptocurrency for in-game assets, as well as assets directly for other assets.

For stakeholders in the gaming industry, PlayingFields will enable novel game mechanics, inter-game operability, and enhanced community engagement opportunities. The ability for users to demonstrate legal ownership of verifiably unique assets will provide an attractive platform for players, game developers, content creators, and collectors. With novel opportunities for all stakeholders, PlayingFields is poised to become the global solution for a GDPR and financial regulatory compliant data exchange as well as an integral infrastructural component of blockchain gaming and the metaverse.

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